2. Semen Analysis | Your Fertility Journey

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Today we’re gonna do something special we’re gonna start off with men. This is open to all men and women. I am going to delve into male fertility, I am going to zone in on Semen Analysis. 1. What is a semen analysis? 2. Who needs to get a semen analysis? 3. Why do you need to know the status of your fertility as a man? 4. How and where can you get the semen analysis and 5. Who will help you interpret the results of the semen analysis? A semen analysis is a test that is performed in a fertility lab, it’s normally conducted by an embryologist. You will be requested to provide a sample of your semen to the lab or clinic. The semen is collected in a sterile collection cup. Make sure that the cup is sterile and selaed. The sperm will be tested for a variety of parameters which include: your sperm count; morphology (shape of the sperm); color of the sperm and many other parameters. Who needs to get a semen analysis? As long as you’re male and you’re sexually active, get a semen analysis. I’ve seen guys who look like football players, really fit healthy buff guys with no sperm activity, zero sperm okay so as fit as you might be, you are or feel like Hercules but it is important to get a semen analysis and to know where you stand and if you do need help it’s important to also know that there’s help out there there are solutions to these issues and problems because as guys I know we don’t go out and have a beer and start talking about how low our sperm count is or how we’ve got erectile dysfunction or problems. We so conscious about what our friends will think and also what our male counterparts will think of us if we bring up such issues or topics. If your partner is in this situation, it’s frustrating, but you have to play the supportive role. Don’t talk down to your partner that won’t get you anywhere but sitting down and encouraging each and getting the appropriate help is the way forward. Where and how can you get a semen analysis? now in order to get a semen analysis you’ll first need to see your fertility physician or general physician and talk to him about it let him or her know why you want to get your semen analysis, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a problem, you just want to know the status of your fertility your physician your general physician will give you a referral that referral will be for you to see a fertility specialist. When your semen analysis report is ready, you can follow up with your general physician the one who gave you that referral to see the fertility specialist or you can have your results interpreted by the fertility specialist. You can find out which infertility clinics are in your area by doing a quick Google search, I’m sure there are number of them in your area. Set up an appointment, when you setting up your appointment take really careful note of the things you should ask the clinic before you go in #1. Is your insurance accepted? I no, you’ll be paying out of pocket how much do they charge for the semen analysis? I’m in Maryland USA and in my area semen analysis fees range between $250-$300 this may vary from clinic to clinic. Be sure that before you set up an appointment, you have this addressed. #2 What protocol do you need to follow prior to getting the semen analysis? You have to be abstinent from anywhere from 2 to 7 days (no sexual intercourse). If you are not collecting at the site, make sure that after collection, you drop off the collected semen specimen at the fertility clinic not more than an hour after you’ve collected. Again, these protocols May differ from clinic to clinic but the reason they have these protocols really is so that they can get the most accurate result from the analysis. It’s important for you to follow these protocols and make sure you understand them. #3 You may want to ask the clinic when collecting, we all come from different backgrounds, some religions do not allow their members to masturbate. Usually, you’d collect into the sterile semen specimen cup by masturbating. If that presents a problem there are other options. You can purchase the ‘Male Factor Condom’ I’ll add a link below you can follow the link, and purchase the ‘Male Factor Condom’ It’s a special condom. Most of the condoms out there are designed to kill sperm they are contraceptives. This one is not going to kill your sperm. You have sex, after you ejaculate in the condom, you tie the end and you place it into the sterile collection cup, close it and deliver it to the clinic. #4. Interpretation of the semen analysis report for all the tested parameters should be performed by a fertility specialist. If you’ve got the means to preserve your fertility, do so. ‘Preserve your fertility’, you’ve heard about women being encouraged to preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs right? With men, we can do the same thing too, this is not widely discussed.In the unfortunate event of may happen in your future let’s just suppose and knock on wood knock on wood this doesn’t happen to you but in the unfortunate event of terminal illness, preserving your fertility is wise. Ask your clinic about the fees for preserving your sperm. Frozen (cryopreserved) sperm can be kept for a prolonged period. It’s a worthwhile investment to preserve your future generations. Let’s spread the word that help is available if needed you don’t have to walk this road alone. There’s a lot of help out there and I’m going to do my best to be a voice to talk to you all…Till next time, stay well and healthy. Visit our YouTube page on: https://youtu.be/WNqNk5O2Tlg to watch this episode in full.

1. Insurance & Self-Pay | Your Fertility Journey

  1. Insurance & Self-Pay | Your Fertility Journey

Let’s discuss ‘All things Fertility’ my goal is to provide you with information on those uncomfortable issues that are never openly addressed.

Disclosure: I’m not a medical professional I only act in an advisory capacity if you need expert medical advice get in touch with your physician I can be reached via email at [email protected]

Greetings to you all I am Alban Musaerenge. This is the first of many blogs that I will be sharing with you. In this episode we’re going to look into Insurance and self-pay. Most of the insights that I share will be centered around the North American region, this is because I’m more familiar with the insurance practices and self-pay around the North American region. What are the most common Financial questions in the fertility Journey? #1 is will my insurance cover my treatment fees/costs and #2 is what are the fees for IVF; IUI; FET; Egg freezing; Semen Analysis etc… Whatever the case may be, those are the two most common questions when it comes to the financial part of treatment. I’m going to firstly delve into Insurance. The important things you need to know is that all Insurance plans are not similar. Many parameters may differ from one Insurance plan to the next. Certain States in the US are mandated. What does this mean? This means that insurance for fertility treatment will be covered, however, it’s always wise for you to call your Insurance company for clarification on the aspects of the treatment for your fertility that are actually covered so you’ll know ahead of time where you stand financially. It is important to know what your Insurance company will cover, and what you will have to pay for out-of-pocket. When it comes to the financial aspect, prepare yourself.

During the diagnostic stage or the workup stage of your treatment, your doctor thoroughly evaluates you to resolve the cause of your infertility. Your insurance will normally cover this portion of your treatment, however, this is not always the case. Again, you have to call your Insurance company and find out if they will cover the diagnostic/workup stage of your fertility treatment. After your diagnostic or workup treatment, your physician will provide you with a treatment plan. Any treatment after your diagnosis or workup will normally but not in all cases need to be authorized by your insurance for coverage. Certain insurance companies may not require authorization for your fertility treatment, however, again it’s always best to call your Insurance company and find out if they require authorization for you to receive coverage after your diagnostic treatment. So after you’ve been diagnosed and if your doctor tells you that you cannot conceive because of X, Y and Z and they provide you with a treatment plan, call your Insurance and ask them if you have coverage for the proposed treatment.

If the treatment authorization is required by your Insurer, your fertility provider will request for the authorization of fertility treatment coverage to be granted by your Insurance provider. Your fertility doctor and should be able to demonstrate that there is a need for you to get the required authorization or coverage because of an underlying medical condition either from you or your spouse that is preventing you from having a baby. Work with your physician from the onset and be very transparent with your physician because all the records that your physician accumulates from the beginning of your treatment until the need for authorization from your Insurance company, if it gets to that. The information needs to demonstrate that there is an underlying medical need that is preventing you from getting pregnant, hence the insurance should cover your treatment costs or fees. You’re building a case from the very first time you see your physician. I can not over emphasize the importance of working with your physician and the entire team from the front desk all the way back to the nursing staff and supporting staff it is very very important and vital that you work with all these people to make your journey easier and successful.

Now let’s look into Self-Pay. Fertility treatment is pretty expensive there are many moving parts involved that occur at the same time and it takes meticulous planning from the administrative side to the Doctor and Nursing team Anesthesiologist all the way to the Embryologist and the lab that all happens behind the scenes it’s the aspect of your treatment you do not physically see without the administration, there’s no scheduling without the medical staff there’s no procedure, without your physician we’re not even talking, so STOP accusing your Doctor and Clinic of being money greedy your treating Clinic and Doctor work hard for your success and whether your treatment is successful or not there is a cost associated to it. In fertility treatment you cannot cut any corners if you have no Insurance coverage, make sure that your finances are in order before you start your treatment. Get a detailed understanding of all your treatment fees. Understand and be informed of what your chances of success are. Always make sure that you have a plan B in the event of a negative treatment outcome. What will you do or what is your next plan or course of action if you get a negative result? Of course, you and your Clinic are not fighting for a negative result, you want a positive treatment outcome, but in the event of a negative treatment outcome, what is your plan B? Talk to your treating Clinic talk to yourDoctor and find out whether they offer payment plans to help ease your financial burden?

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